Saturday, July 11, 2009

oh, you shouldn't have!

This invitation came, to my bridal shower. Which I am still nervous about.

But really, isn't that the nicest invitation for a shower? Entirely handmade by DJ's mom and my future sister in law. I know that you brides are noticing the rounded corners. Twelve per invitation, thumbs say ouch. Perfect color coordination, without stepping on the wedding invitations' toes. And the fonts, which are the same ones we used for the wedding invitations.

So, the invitation is awesome. I have a good dress to wear. Any tips on worrying less? I'm a semi-professional worrier, and the wedding stuff is getting the best of me.


Jenny.Lee said...

The invitation is beautiful! They put a lot of work into them. Just 'try' and relax and enjoy the moment! ;)

Harriet said...

I got my invitation a couple of days ago and had wondered if you'd made it yourself. It's gorgeous!

LPC said...

Take a lot of yoga classes. Go for a drive where you can see a lot of sky. Tell yourself that weddings are the kind of thing where the stuff that goes wrong only makes them more memorable.

Bridechka said...

Very pretty!

You are only a semi-pro worrier? You should professional and get paid to worry! Now that is a job I would be great at!

:) its all gonna be great missy, don't you worry one bit!

Jules Someone said...

Smile a lot. And seem surprised when you unwrap presents that you picked out for yourself. ;-) Loved the invite. Sorry I'm missing it.