Friday, July 24, 2009

respond... please?

A week of mail later, four response cards have made their way home. Some with messages, which is so fun! Thanks for playing along, friends!
DJ's parents were first, with a simple "We love you!" written on the back. (We love you too!) In the same batch of mail were friends of theirs, also a yes. Friday there were two more, both in haiku!

My older-younger brother, Kid A, wrote:
Pretty autumn fest
Friendly Reilly on a leash
Hide the cake and guests

(Because my surly dog is scared of people and will eat anything at all.) Well done, Kid A.

Our friends who are participating in the ceremony became our friends through the guys' love of strategic board games. In boy handwriting:
Like all his geek friends,
DJ is marrying a girl
Way out of his league.

Aww, thanks. But no, DJ is definitely getting the wrong end of this deal. He's marrying the kind of girl who likes to tell the internet about her mail haul.

I'm going to save these somehow, but I'm still thinking about exactly how. Any ideas?


Lindsey said...

Scan front and back and make up a book. Or add them to your wedding book. Or punch a whole and use a binder ring to clip them together as a book.

Jules Someone said...

I'll have you know, he worked hard on that haiku. ;-) My responses with notes are in a box somewhere in the basement. I don't think I'm helping at all here.

Julia Remix said...

Lindsey, good ideas... the wheels are turning. Jules, I know! I can tell! We are very glad to have you as second shooters for the wedding. So to speak.

Jenny.Lee said...

Hmm I'm drawing a blank on ideas... I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect solution!