Tuesday, September 8, 2009

bustle me!

When I told my brother (Kid A) that my dress needed a bustle, he thought we were talking about this:
Boys! Love them to pieces.

I scheduled my dress fittings as close to the wedding as possible. I like to live dangerously - but really, three weeks seemed like plenty of time.

I asked the seamstress to replicate this bustle. It looks to me like little waves lapping around the hem of her dress.

(Style Me Pretty)

I think the train on my dress must be a bit longer than hers, because I ended up with more volume. Still pretty, but different. DJ's mom came with me to the fitting, and she was super-concerned that DJ not see the dress until the big day. So if you would like a sneak peek (and are not DJ), click here.


LPC said...

Oooh. Beauteous.

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Amy said...

Fantastic! Same type of bustle I had on my dress. :) You have good taste.