Monday, September 14, 2009

If you were the Baltic Sea and I were a cup

Humor me, I'm dated. More or less intentionally.

I listened to Mike Dougherty sing Janine over and over the first summer that DJ and I were re-dating. It was 2006. I was 25. It was exactly the right sound for how I felt then, and now it takes me back. To 25 and humid lake breezes and the agonizing wait from Wednesday to Friday.

We hadn't yet told our families, but Katie and Chloe had already heard quite a bit and thought it was promising. I thought so too.

The sleepless lyrics made me feel romantic about my insomniac habits (since reformed.) But the thing that really stuck, really resonated with me then, was being so besotted with someone that you couldn't get enough. In that respect, not much has changed.


Harriet said...

I like this song so much that I have two different versions of it on my regular playlist and neither of them is this one. My favorite of the three is the one from The Gambler EP, where he is apparently playing it on the street outside a theater before a show and he gets the audience to sing along with the chorus.

LPC said...

One of the purposes of weddings is to remind everyone of what it's like to feel this way about someone else:).

Kathleen said...

AWESOME song. Takes me back to riding to school in my sister's car in the mid-nineties. kickass.

Jenny.Lee said...

It's a perfect choice!