Friday, September 11, 2009


On the one hand, running 25+ miles a week goes a long way towards nice legs (and good cholesterol, and reasonable blood pressure blah blah blah).

On the other, my feet are hideous and no pedicure can really fix that.

Weekend: DJ and I are going to eat French food and see about that spun sugar cake topper. Then I have a hair appointment. Then we are going to teach Kid B how to shop for groceries, since apparently he's been living off fast food for seven months. Oh, to have the metabolism of a 21-year-old; then I wouldn't have such ugly running feet.

What are your weekend plans?


Jenny.Lee said...

So far our weekend agenda includes a few errands, church, and dinner with friends.

Anonymous said...

Writing. Finishing up my office, which includes, hopefully, the purchase of a rug and a lamp. Writing. Re-stuffing some floor pillows. Writing. Purchasing paint for the bathroom. Writing.

Harriet M. Welsch said...

Watching AJ play assorted sporting events. Debugging Mr. Spy's website. And maybe a picnic.

Andrew said...

Mixing drinks, grilling meats, watching Bears.