Tuesday, September 1, 2009

things that work

As soon as I wrote about the things that were bothering me, they stopped bothering me. They haven't gone away, and probably they'll bother me again. But thanks for the free therapy!

I do have one more small problem. I've been really good about getting to the gym for a while now. My treadmill jaunts are showing the effort, too. Today I ran my four miles after work, and it was a good one. Everything felt good, I kept my pace without getting tired, no shinsplints.

Then I came home to this. DJ grilled burgers (with bacon and gouda and stone-ground mustard) and asparagus for dinner.
I have a dress fitting on Saturday, but I was helpless to the burger. I can't resist DJ's cooking. My life is sooooo hard.


Anonymous said...


lilac_leaf said...

Must be just a good dinner day. I had grilled filet mignon with green beans and foccacia bread dipped in olive oil. YUMMM!

Harriet said...

That looks lethal.

Jenny.Lee said...

Oh man that looks good!