Sunday, September 13, 2009

for clean sheets or dirty dishes, as long as we both shall live

You all had fun weekend plans, thanks for sharing. If you have fun Monday plans, I would like to know about those too - but I think most of us are less excited for Monday.

Today I ran three miles in twenty six minutes. That's pretty quick for me. But it also means that I had only twenty six minutes of exercise. So am I fast or lazy? I asked DJ, and he said fast. But I think he's biased.

Before that, yet another makeup artist tried to give me a "smoky eye." This was the best one yet, but I'm uncomfortable with it. On me, it feels like trying too hard. I don't like trying too hard (or at all.) I forgot to take a picture before my run. Now it's definitely not a good look.

I've also been writing our ceremony. It's difficult, since "Do you take this man to be your beneficiary" doesn't have the most romantic ring to it. True, though.


Jenny.Lee said...

I'm a glass half full kinda girl so I say your fast. Beisdes three miles is a lot!

I'm not excited for Monday at all. Back to the grind...

Amy said...

I think you're fast.
Try putting on pencil and just smudging it with your finger up and away from your eye. This might work for your 'smoky eye'.
Today? Too much to do and too little time.