Friday, August 14, 2009

form over function

We had to change a small piece of the plan this week. A while ago DJ asked our caterer if she could put together an iced tea and lemonade table to have out before the ceremony. We were thinking that in September (even late September) you never know what you'll get for weather, so a cold beverage might be nice. She's fantastic, always quick on the yes. So, yes. We can have a table of drinks, and she'd be happy to coordinate the rentals.

This is what I was thinking:

Or possibly this:

But! This is the type of container available for rent:
Full bride stop. Oh no, I said to DJ. That will never do. I'm such a snob lately. But really, I wouldn't want these for a party at my house either. Does that make it any better? Probably not. At any rate, we're working on a new, less insulated plan.


lilac_leaf said...

I heard music come screeching to a halt at that last picture.

Abbie said...

Totally agree! I have four of the glass ones with spickets that I got at Costco... for only $28 each. Heck yeah!

Lass said...

Julia...Costco or find the closest Schweppe's restaurant supply - they'll have good, cheap options. If you still can't find something suitable, call me and we'll pick Sean's brain about it.

Jenny.Lee said...

I think this is a lovely idea and I'm sure your guests will appreciate it.