Sunday, August 2, 2009

ladies' luncheon: memorable gifts

You may remember that my mom wanted to give me lingerie "for the wedding night." After a short conversation with her it seemed like we were on the same page. Some kind of sweet nightgown or slip, time of actual wearing TBD. Like this:
So I wasn't surprised to open a box from her to find a pile of white silk.
Nightgown! More see-through than I'd like, especially to open in front of DJ's young cousins and my grandma - but, okay!
Robe! Ah, that addresses the see-through issue.
But wait, there's a second box. The card said "from Mamoo and Papa," my grandparents. Both gone for years now. My mom started to tear up, so I assumed that this was a deeply sentimental gift.
I'm a deeply sentimental girl. Lower lip quivering and all. So you can imagine my surprise to find...
XL, transparent bloomers. What do you think about that, Julia?
(To be fair, XL is probably the correct size. For me. In BLOOMERS.)
Really. True story.
(All photos from my camera except the nightgown and bloomers. Source unknown for the nightgown. Bloomers here.)


LPC said...

But wait. You look so beautiful. Rather like Jackie Onassis. OK. With that out of the way, WTF? Bloomers? I hope at that point everyone laughed?

Julia Remix said...

LPC, thank you. And yes, there was some laughter. I think my mom was having a good time with all of us. :)

Jenny.Lee said...

I agree with LPC, you look gorgeous! As for the bloomers, I really don't know what to say....

Anonymous said...

Bloomers are the new gauchos. Or something like that.

Harriet M. Welsch said...

The pictures of you and K are perfect! I'm glad somebody caught that on film!