Friday, August 7, 2009

I feel bad

I feel bad because I don’t really need these shiny wonderful gifts, but I really really want them. I would like to make a rule (arbitrary, of course) that any household with less than two full incomes may not give wedding presents with monetary value, because I feel bad.

I feel bad because after a hard-knocks sort of childhood, my mom is lavishing me with gifts. I don’t need gifts, but I am happy to have it all going in the right direction and the gifts are a tangible indicator. Still, I want her to spend money on herself and have the things she never had, so I feel bad.

I feel bad because everyone is buying new clothes because of the wedding. I want to tell them that it’s okay, they can come as they are. Of course they are excited and want to be shiny and new and they can make their own adult decisions. But I feel bad.

I feel bad because my single friends are celebrating my extraordinary luck in finding DJ. Which is great, it was amazing luck. But I already have the prize, and it would be okay to celebrate something that was not a line in the sand between us, so I feel bad.

Anyone else feel bad? I’m too cheap to pay for therapy at the moment, but some commiseration would be nice.


Anonymous said...

I feel bad because I am here to ask you where you're registered. Email me the info, pretty please?

As for the other stuff - I will give you the same good advice given to me as my own wedding neared and I was similarly freaking out: Enjoy your good luck and let people be nice to you.

Jenny.Lee said...

I was given the same advice as thelass. It's hard but imagine if you were in their would want to do the same I'm sure. :) Enjoy this time!

FortheLoveofBrides said...

I cannot believe this post because I was literally feeling all of these things today! I even came out of my google reader just to comment on this.
I feel bad too. I know we aren't supposed to feel bad, but I do.
I'm not good at this, "it's my day, I'm the bride it's all about me" thing.
As previously suspected-we are in fact bosom buddies.

Jules Someone said...

I feel bad that you feel bad. ;-) I'm not buying new clothes if that makes you feel better. I am buying a gift. I do expect you to use it to make things for me or serve me something that you've made on it. It's not about you. It's about me.

lilac_leaf said...

Would it make you feel better if I tell you that I am not buying you a gift and that I don't intend to buy new clothes for your wedding? :)

Harriet said...

What Lass said. And personally, if I end up buying new clothes, I will be thanking you for the excuse. No need to feel bad about anything. And you should enjoy those gifts. They are things people want you to have because you mean something to them.