Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ladies' luncheon: bake me a cake!

I have been making cookie dough and cakes and mashed potatoes with my old mixer. Actually, DJ makes the mashed potatoes. Our division of labor is usually based on talent, not fairness. His mashed potatoes are incredible. But I have a reputation for cake and cookies.
My mixer is a Sunbeam, probably from the late 60's. It came from a garage sale when I was setting up my first kitchen. The finish is wearing off the beaters a bit. It's been used a few times.
It's done a good job, but it's headed for the Goodwill. Because DJ's mom gave us the much-coveted Kitchen Aid. (DJ says mashedpotatoeswillbesomucheasierthaaaanksMOM!)
I love it. (Slightly less than I love DJ.) Everyone at the shower was shocked that I didn't already have one. Which I think means that I bake too much. Now, remember this! When I go for my dress fittings in September and it won't zip, this is what happened. Feel free to point and laugh.


Jules Someone said...

I've known my KitchenAid mixer longer than I've known Dan. 'Nuff said.

lilac_leaf said...

It's very simple. You may only mix water between now and September. :)

Julia Remix said...

Kim, you're hilarious. Or serious. Sad face.

Jules, seriously? There's commitment!

Harriet said...

I still use the Sunbeam mixer that my parents got for a wedding present in 1965. One day I'll replace it with a Kitchen-Aid. Probably one day soon, as the Sunbeam starts to smoke if you leave it on too long.