Monday, August 31, 2009

license, rings, ceremony

On Friday DJ and I went to the Lake County courthouse to apply for our marriage license. There were two other couples ahead of us in line, one obviously pregnant. They asked how the Saturday courthouse ceremonies worked. The sheriff behind the desk replied that first everyone arrested Friday night posts bail. Then the judge is available for marriage ceremonies. There is a little bit of romance in that, I suppose.
My wedding band arrived last week, and I tried it on for fit. It's perfect. DJ's hands are so large that he's ordered his in the largest size available, and is still having it made nearly a full size larger. His great grandfather, so they say, wore a wedding ring big enough to pass a quarter through the center - although he was only five foot five. I love family lore.
We went to my boss' wedding on Saturday, under the first sunny skies all week. Between ceremony and reception we wandered Lincoln Park, where a woman offered to take our picture. Well, most of our picture. I like it anyway.
I was a good guest and a terrible wedding spy, observing more than snapping my camera. They are sweet together, and it was a good party. I meant to take pictures, but it didn't seem right at the moment and I really enjoyed just being a guest.


Liz @ McFargan: A Midwestern Matrimony said...

How are you feeling as it comes closer? :)

It's ok not to take pics. I believe in it... that's why people hire photographers. If you're always looking through the camera lens, you are missing the big picture! Isn't it fun to go to a wedding with the man who you will be wedding?

Jenny.Lee said...

Your dress is soo pretty! Can you believe the wedding is almost here!

Harriet said...

I like the picture. Observing is good. Sometimes if you hide behind a camera, you miss too much. Although that can be its own kind of fun.

Anonymous said...

Julia, it's Katie :-)
You look hot! I love the stylizing....good use of accessories!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous dress! Thanks for your comment yesterday--it is very much appreciated.